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Economics of Immigration: The Children of Immigrants & Temporary Migrants

Conference Videos and Paper

Aydemir, A. "Ethnic Enclaves and Human Capital Investments: Evidence from a Natural Experiment"


Fasani, F. "Undocumented migrants and labor demand shocks: an empirical analysis of deportations"


Dustmann, C, A. Glitz and U. Schonberg "Ethnic Segregation in the Workplace"


Nekby, L, M. Arai and M. Bursell "Measuring Priors against Arabic-Named Job Applicants: A Field Experiment"


Sinning, M. "Determinants of Savings and Remittances - Empirical Evidence from Immigrants to Germany"


Bleakley, H. and A. Chin "Age at Arrival, English Proficiency, and Social Assimilation Among U.S. Immigrants"


Frattini, T. "Immigration and Prices in the UK"


Khoo, S-E, G. Hugo and P.McDonald "Which Skilled Temporary Migrants Become Permanent Residents and Why?"


Reitz, J., H. Zhang and N. Shida "Comparisons of the Success of Racial Minority Immigrant Offspring in the United States, Canada and Australia"


Trejo, S. and B. Duncan "Intermarriage and the Intergenerational Transmission of Ethnic Identity and Human Capital for Mexican Americans"


Bohlmark, A., O. Aslund and O. Nordstrom Skans "Age at migration and social integration"


Marcenaro, O, M. Meunier, A. de Coulon and A. Vignoles "A longitudinal analysis of UK second-generation disadvantaged immigrants"


Rendall, M., E. Aguila, R.Basurto-Davila & M. Hancock "Migration between Mexico and the U.S. estimated from a border survey"


Tu, J. "The Impact of Immigration on the Labour Market Outcomes of Native-born Canadians"


Friesen, J., J. Arifovic, S. Wright, A. Ludwig & L. Giamo "Sharing and discrimination among children" available soon!


Oreopoulous, P. "Why do recent immigrants struggle in the labour market? A field experiment with six thousand resumes"


Fredriksson, P. "Peers, neighbourhoods and immigrant student achievement - evidence from a placement policy"


Cheung, L. "Long employment gaps in the Live-in Caregiver Program"


Corak, M. & I. Delahousse "Age at immigration and the adult outcomes of children" available soon!


Peri, G. and F. Ortega "The Causes and Effects of International Migrations: Evidence from OECD Countries 1980-2005"


Pendakur, K. and R. Pendakur "Aboriginal incomes in Canada" available soon!


Pendakur, K. "Quantitative Reasoning: Part 1"


Pendakur, K. "Quantitative Reasoning: Part 2"


David Card (UCal, Berkeley) public lecture May 11. information


Brian Krauth "Can targetted funding improve test scores of low-achieving minority students."


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