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Citizenship and Social, Cultural and Civic Integration
Oliver Schmidtke, University of Victoria

Canada's immigration program, like its multicultural approach to inclusion, is designed to bring benefits to Canadian society as well as an offer of a better life to immigrants, refugees, and their immediate families. Accordingly, this policy-research priority looks at the social and cultural effects of immigration and diversity on Canada and seeks to determine the extent to which there are risks to societal well-being, to full participation of the members of these groups as citizens, and to the cohesion of Canadian society overall. In this respect, this research priority addresses integration as a complex interplay of social, cultural and civic components in a two-way street approach to successful and equitable inclusion into the fabric of Canadian society.

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Senior Researchers:

Douglas Baer (Sociology, University of Victoria)
Francisco Beltrán (Inst. for European Studies, UBC)
Pieter Bevelander (IMER/Malmö University, Sweden)
Irene Bloemraad (Dept. of Sociology, UC Berkeley)
Paul Bramadat ( Ctr. for Studies in Religion & Society, UVic)
Catherine Ann Cameron (Psychology, UBC)
Jennifer Chan (Education, UBC)
Shirley Chau (School of Social Work, UBC-Okanagan)
Sasha Colby (English, SFU Surrey)
Avigail Eisenberg (Political Science, UVic)
Anne George (Faculty of Medicine, UBC)
Dan Hiebert (Geography, UBC)
Roumi Ilieva (Education, SFU)
Marianne Jacquet (Education, SFU)
Richard Johnston (Political Science, UBC)
Shuyu Kong (Humanities/Asia-Canada Program, SFU)
Daniel Lai (Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary)
Sharon Lee (Sociology, UVic)
Daničle Moore (Education, SFU)
Kamala Nayar (Asian Studies, Kwantlen Polytechnic University)
Lynda Phillips (Child & Youth Care Counselling, Douglas College)
Cecile Sabatier (Education, SFU)
Leonie Sandercock (School of Community and Regional Planning, UBC)
Michele Schmidt (Education, SFU)
Farah Shroff (Faculty of Medicine, UBC)
Robert Sweet (Emeritus, Lakehead University)
Maria Adamuti-Trache (Education, UBC)
Gerry Veenstra (Sociology, UBC)
Rima Wilkes (Sociology, UBC)

Junior Researchers:

Daniel Ahadi (Communication, SFU)
Joey Chopra (School of Public Policy, SFU)
Lisi Feng (School of Community & Regional Planning, UBC)
Lacey Forsyth (Sociology & Anthropology, SFU)
Monique Gagne (Faculty of Education, UBC)
Amanda Grochowich (Community & Regional Planning, UBC)
Alejandro Hernandez (Sociology, SFU)
Carla Hilario ( School of Nursing, UBC)
Zhao Jing (Sociology, UBC)
Niels Klabunde (Sociology, Humboldt University, Berlin)
Joshua Labove (Geography, SFU)
Seonok Lee (Sociology, UBC)
Maryam Nabavi (Educational Studies, UBC)
Yolande Pottie-Sherman (Geography, UBC)
Sarah Przedpelska (Geography, UBC)
Corey Robinson (Political Science, UVic)
Widyarini Sumartojo (Geography, SFU)
Flavia Tyemi Yanase (Sociology, UVIC)
Sherry Yu (Communication, SFU)
Olivia Zhang ( Education, SFU)
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