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Economic and Labour Market Integration
David Jacks, SFU,

What are the effects of immigration on the labour market outcomes of native-born Canadians? What are the barriers faced by immigrants in successfully integrating into the Canadian workforce? And what forces are at work that could explain the persistent earnings gap among the various ethnic groups of Canadian society? Questions such as these represent some of the central concerns of this domain. At the same time, this domain is pressing ahead and fostering innovative research in areas such as the role of education versus experience in fostering integration, the benefits to Canadian society from immigration and an increasingly diverse population, and the interaction of education policy, immigration, and social networks.

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Senior Researchers:

Luis L.K. Aguiar (Sociology, Okanagan Univ College)
Fernando Aragon (Economics, SFU)
Jasmina Arifovic (Economics, SFU)
Francisco Beltrán (Inst. for European Studies, UBC)
Don DeVoretz (Economics, SFU)
Barry Edmonston (Sociology, UVic)
Jane Friesen (Economics, SFU)
Judy Fudge (Faculty of Law, UVic)
Dominique M. Gross (Graduate Public Policy Program, SFU)
Peter Hall (Urban Studies, SFU)
Ross Hickey (Economics, UBC-Okanagan)
Daniel Hiebert (Geography, UBC)
Kurt Huebner (Institute for European Studies, UBC)
Alexander Karaivanov (Economics, SFU)
Anke Kessler (Economics, SFU)
Brian Krauth (Economics, SFU)
Lucia Lo (Geography, York University)
Fiona MacPhail (Economics, University of Northern B.C.)
Steeve Mongrain (Economics, SFU)
Arti Nanavati (Economics, M.S. University of Baroda, India)
Philip Oreopoulos (Economics, U. of Toronto)
Krishna Pendakur (Economics, SFU)
Ravi Pendakur (Public & Int'l Affairs, University of Ottawa)
Geraldine Pratt (Geography, UBC)
Nicolas Schmitt (Economics, SFU)
Arthur Sweetman (School of Policy Studies, Queen's)
Simon Woodcock (Economics, SFU)
Daniyal Zuberi (Sociology, UBC)

Junior Researchers:

Aarij Bashir (International Studies, SFU)
Michele Battisti (Economics, SFU)
Leslie Cheung (Public Policy, SFU)
Giuseppe Danese (Economics, SFU)
Michelle Drenker (Geography, UBC)
Mei Lan Fang (Health Sciences, SFU)
Amanda Grochowich (Community & Regional Planning, UBC)
Mohsen Javdani Haji (Economics, SFU)
Seonok Lee (Sociiology, UBC)
Conrad Malilay (Public Policy, SFU)
Maureen Mendoza (Community and Regional Planning, UBC)
Geraldina Polanco (Sociology, UBC)
Adriana Paz Ramirez (UBC)
Robert Russo (Faculty of Law, UBC)
Lawrence Santiago (Geography, UBC)
Daniela Tuchel (Royal Roads University)
Xuefei (Sophie) Wang (Economics, SFU)
Haimin Zhang ( Economics, UBC)
Nathan Zhang ( Economics, UVic)
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