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 A: Information about the grants may be found on our website at

 A: This is the third year that Metropolis BC has offered these grants. They were created out of a need to disseminate knowledge gathered over the past 14 years on research about immigration and integration affecting Canada and the Vancouver region.

 A: Since it was established in 1996, Metropolis BC has produced over 250 working papers which can be viewed at or at that represent a significant body of knowledge on immigration issues. The objective is to connect our community of stakeholders to this body of knowledge.

 A: We are looking for high quality proposals from academics, corporate partners and community agencies that demonstrate creative ways to communicate this knowledge to our community of stakeholders. Examples of those we would like to reach include those working in the field of immigrant integration, those working in social and health services, and the public.

We would like these projects to have a value-added impact on communities. We are not looking for applications to disseminate knowledge from all 250+ papers, but rather to select an area of research closest to your research interests, knowledge or experience and to create a project based on that knowledge that is meaningful and has an impact.

 A: We ask that applicants submit a proposal for one project only. However, the project could be separated into five parts with each part being a portion of the total funding amount.

 A: Applicants must be Metropolis BC affiliates to qualify for funding. The process is simple and there is no fee. Visit to find out how to apply. You will be required to send some information to Linda Sheldon, Metropolis BC Project Coordinator that outlines your interests and demonstrates that you have some experience. Metropolis BC is intended to be open and inclusive. We hope to build bridges, not to operate a closed club.

 A: Here are some examples of innovative ideas and creative projects that we previously funded:

 A: The principal applicant for these grants must reside in BC and be affiliated with an incorporated organization, a private company, an NGO or an academic institution.

 A: We expect to provide funding for approximately 5-10 new dissemination projects of $2,000-$10,000 each. Our total budget for this Call for Proposals is $50,000.

 A: The submission deadline is January 28, 2011 and grants for projects are to run for one year. Metropolis BC would complete the selection process by mid-February and successful applicants would expect to receive funds in April 2011.

 A: Contact the appropriate domain leaders for specific questions related to your field of study or interest. Their names and contact information may be found at You may also contact Co-directors Dan Hiebert ( or Krishna Pendakur ( with questions. Vicky Baker, Metropolis BC Project Coordinator at UBC will answer questions regarding funds at 604-822-3188 or Linda Sheldon, Metropolis BC Project Coordinator at SFU may be reached at 778-782-4575 or to answer questions about the submission process.

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