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Housing and Neighbourhoods
Carlos Teixeira, UBC-O,

The relationship between access to affordable housing and residential concentrations of newcomers and minorities on the one hand, and successful integration and inclusion on the other has become more pronounced in recent years. Housing and neighbourhoods impact upon and help to shape our social networks, access to employment opportunities, participation in and access to public spaces, the nature and availability of social services, as well as general feelings of safety and security, among others. In this domain, we seek to better understand the relationships between housing, neighbourhoods and integration into Canadian society.

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Senior Researchers:

Luis L.K. Aguiar (Sociology, UBC-Okanagan)
Harald Bauder (Geography, Ryerson University)
David Edgington (Geography, UBC)
Amin Ghaziani (Sociology, UBC)
Jennifer Hyndman (Geography, York University)
Nathan Lauster (Sociology, UBC)
David Ley (Geography, UBC)
Wei Li (Asian Pacific American Studies Program, Arizona State U.)
Eugene McCann (Geography, SFU)
Anita Palepu (Faculty of Medicine, UBC)
Leonie Sandercock (Planning, UBC)
Heather Smith (Geography & Earth Sciences, UNNC. Charlotte)
Margaret Walton-Roberts (Geography, Wilfrid Laurier U.)

Junior Researchers:

Lisi Feng (School of Community & Regional Planning, UBC)
Pablo Mendez (Geography, UBC)
Kathy Sherrell (Geography, UBC)
Jessica Stuart (School of Community & Regional Planning, UBC)
Ren Thomas (Community & Regional Planning, UBC)
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