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Affiliating with Metropolis British Columbia

The Metropolis British Columbia research centre is intended to be open and inclusive. We hope to build bridges between researchers, not to operate a closed club.

Accordingly, we have created three types of affiliation and hope that everyone who has a relevant interest in our activities takes the opportunity to join us.

Please contact Linda Sheldon to affiliate.

    1- Associate of the Centre. As the title implies this is open to individuals in government, non-government organizations, private sector businesses, and civil society more generally. Associates will be added to our listserve and will receive (if they elect to do so) email messages informing them about MBC activities. They also receive a daily message providing articles from the media that appear on the subjects of immigration and cultural diversity. Associates may join MBC simply by stating their desire to do so. They must be willing to allow MBC to list their name in our annual report. MBC will protect the privacy of Associates, however, by not passing their contact details to anyone outside the Metropolis network.

    2- Senior Researchers. Individuals who hold academic appointments at universities can apply to be in this category. Senior Researchers are, collectively, the core of the Metropolis British Columbia Centre, and fulfill the academic mandate of the Centre to generate high-quality research. Individuals wishing to become Senior Researchers are required to apply in writing and must provide us with: a statement specifying how their research intersects with the Centre's priorities of studying immigration and diversity; and a recent CV. The Co-Directors of the Centre will review this application and decide if the key condition for membership is met: the applicant is a university-based scholar who conducts research on immigration and/or diversity, and who has either published or is about to publish in this field of study. To facilitate communication between individuals working in common areas, Senior Researchers will be allocated to one of five research domains of the Centre (please see the Centre's website for details on these domains). Senior Researchers are expected to be active in Centre activities, including attending seminars and symposia offered by the Centre, participating in the annual research retreat, communicating their findings with government and the NGO sector, and applying for funding. Senior Researchers who hold an ongoing position at a Canadian university are entitled to apply for grants from MBC. In order to maintain affiliation with MBC, Senior Researchers must submit an annual report on their scholarly activities. Normally, we would expect that this is the report that an individual provides to his or her department each year. Preferably, the report would be sent to us electronically. In addition to their eligibility to apply for grants, Senior Researchers are entitled to submit research papers to be posted in the Working Paper series of MBC. This series already has some 240 papers that are widely circulated among academics and practitioners. In the past year, for example, individuals downloaded some 400,000 WP files from the Centre's website. Senior Researchers will be added to the listserve of MBC.

    3- Junior Researchers are graduate students specializing in the fields of immigration and cultural diversity. Normally, they are supervised by affiliated Senior Researchers. Junior Researchers are added to the listserve of MBC and are eligible to apply for grants to cover their expenses to travel to national Metropolis conferences. To maintain their affiliation Junior Researchers must provide an annual statement specifying the stage they are at in their program plus, when appropriate, the title of their thesis project.

    4- When applying for affiliation with Metropolis BC, please indicate which research domain you would prefer to be listed under. The categories can be found on our Participants page.

Metropolis British Columbia has been established with funding support from the federal government of Canada and the government of British Columbia. All aspects of the Centre, including this policy on affiliation, are governed by a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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