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Justice, Policing, and Security
Benjamin Perrin, UBC, On Leave

National security, policing and criminal justice have emerged as important areas for research and policy development that affect newcomers to Canada. Security, policing, justice and integration policy must be informed by the diversity of Canadian society and the unique challenges posed by newcomers as both victims and perpetrators. The Justice, Policing and Security domain aims to contribute to Canada's promise as a just, peaceful and democratic society for all who inhabit its borders. Topics of focus include terrorism, human trafficking and smuggling, organized crime and ethnically-affiliated gangs, international pandemics, as well as the representativeness and responsiveness of Canadian policing and security agencies to newcomer communities.

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Senior Researchers:

Alexia Bloch (Anthropology/Sociology, UBC)
Wendy Chan (Sociology, SFU)
Catherine Dauvergne (Faculty of Law, UBC)
Antje Ellermann (Political Science, UBC)
Judy Fudge (Faculty of Law, UVic)
Merje Kuus (Geography, UBC)
David MacAlister (Criminology, SFU)
Richard Parent (Criminology, SFU)
Doris Marie Provine (School of Justice & Social Inquiry, Arizona State U)
John Winterdyk (Dept. of Justice Studies, Mount Royal College)

Junior Researchers:

Leigh Barrick (Geography, UBC)
Jenny Francis (Geography, UBC)
Shauna Labman (Law, UBC)
Joshua Labove (Geography, SFU)
Sarah Marsden (Law, UBC)
Daniel Parrott (Faculty of Law, UVic)
Lindsay Turner (Geography, UBC)
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