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Settlement, Integration, and Welcoming Communities
Julie Drolet, Thompson Rivers U.

Every year tens of thousands of immigrants and refugees choose British Columbia as their new home. The extent to which communities in BC are able to integrate/include immigrants, refugees and minorities depends on a number of societal conditions, some of which can be effectively altered by government policies. The SIWC domain is particularly established to focus on the settlement and integration issues in, and the capacities of, local communities of British Columbia. The research priorities of this domain are largely set, but not limited, to examine a) different public policy instruments which aim to enhance the capacity of cities and communities in BC to receive and integrate immigrants, refugees, and minorities and b) issues and processes of settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in communities of different regions of BC.

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Senior Researchers:

Satwinder Bains (India Canada Studies Program, University of the Fraser Valley)
Marla Buchanan (Education, UBC)
Gillian Creese (Sociology, UBC)
Parin Dossa (Anthropology, SFU)
Sylvia Fuller (Sociology, UBC)
Dan Hiebert (Geography, UBC)
Elaine Ho (University of Leeds)
Phyllis Johnson (Sociology, UBC)
Paul Kingsbury (Geography, SFU)
Sharon Koehn (Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence)
Diana Lary (History, UBC)
Sean Lauer (Anthropology/Sociology, UBC)
David Ley (Geography, UBC)
Jennifer Marchbank (Explorations - FASS, SFU)
Arlene McLaren (Sociology, SFU)
Brian O'Neill (School of Social Work, UBC)
Ravi Pendakur (Public & Int'l Affairs, University of Ottawa)
Geraldine Pratt (Geography, UBC)
Jeanette Robertson (School of Social Work, Thompson Rivers University)
Wendy D. Roth (Sociology, UBC)
Marc-David Seidel (Business, UBC)
Margaret Walton-Roberts (Geography, Wilfrid Laurier U.)
Zheng Wu (Sociology, UVic)
Miu Chung Yan (School of Social Work, UBC)
Habiba Zaman (Women's Studies, SFU)

Junior Researchers:

Heather Bell (Int'l Human Resource Mgmt., University of Manchester)
Nancy Clark (School of Nursing, UBC)
Angela Contreras-Chavez (Sociology, SFU)
Lisi Feng (School of Community & Regional Planning, UBC)
Sarah Fletcher (Anthropology, UVic)
Sanzida Habib (Women's & Gender Studies, UBC)
Kathleen Hall (Education, UVic)
Christine Hochbaum (Sociology, UBC)
Sharalyn Jordan (Education, UBC)
Raj Khadka (School of Social Work, UBC)
Cindy Lau (Education, UBC)
Donna Lee (Kinesiology, UBC)
Trixie Ling (School of Public Policy, SFU)
Lawrence Santiago (Geography, UBC)
Sarah Zell (Geography, UBC)
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