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1996 Working Papers

WP # Title
96-01 The Economic Performance of Jewish Immigrants to Canada: A Case of Double Jeopardy? (175 KB)

AUTHORS: James W. Dean and Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
96-02 Developing the Trans-Pacific Property Market: Tales from Vancouver via Hong Kong (176 KB)

AUTHORS: Kris Olds, University of British Columbia
96-03 The Colour of Money: Earnings Differentials Among Ethnic Groups in Canada (145 KB)

AUTHORS: Krishna Pendakur, SFU and Ravi Pendakur, Department of Canadian Heritage
96-04 The Economic Goals of Canada's Immigration Policy, Past and Present (180 KB)

AUTHORS: Alan G. Green, Queens University and David A. Green, UBC


Com # Title
96-01 SFU-UBC Centre for Excellence for the Study of Immigration and Integration: Some Remarks (40 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz and Samuel Laryea, SFU
96-02 Immigration to Vancouver: Economic Windfall or Downfall? (66 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
96-03 The Political Economy of Canadian Immigration Debate: A Crumbling Consensus? (114 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
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