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1998 Working Papers

WP # Title
98-01 East Asian Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Vancouver: Provincial Preference and Ethnic Strategy (208 KB)

AUTHORS: Karl Froschauer Sociology and Anthropology SFU
98-02 Careers in Teaching: Participation Rates and Perceptions of Two Minority Groups in British Columbia (183 KB)

AUTHORS: June Beynon and Kelleen Toohey, Education SFU
98-03 Immigration to Israel: Any Lessons for Canada? (153 KB)

AUTHORS: Iris Geva-May, Political Science U. of Haifa, Israel
98-04 Best of Times, Worst of Times, and Occupational Mobility: The Case of Russian Immigrants to Israel (147 KB)

AUTHORS: Rebeca Raijman, U. of Haifa & Moshe Semyonov, Tel-Aviv University
98-05 Immigration, Labour Force Integration and the Pursuit of Self-Employment (164 KB)

AUTHORS: Fernando Mata and Ravi Pendakur, Dept. of Canadian Heritage
98-06 The Impact of Foreign-born Labour on Canadian Wages: A panel analysis (162 KB)

AUTHORS: Samuel Laryea, Simon Fraser University
98-07 Education and Ethnicity in Canada: An Intergenerational Perspective (204 KB)

AUTHORS: Gordon Dicks and Arthur Sweetman, University of Victoria
98-08 Immigration and Health Care Utilization Patterns in Canada (118 KB)

AUTHORS: Steven Globerman, Simon Fraser University
98-09 The Substitutability and Complementarity of Canadian and Foreign-born Labour: Circa 1990 (184 KB)

AUTHORS: Samuel Laryea, Simon Fraser University
98-11 Occupational Mobility of Ethnic Migrants (158 KB)

AUTHORS: Thomas Bauer, IZA Bonn, Germany and Klaus Zimmermann, CEPR London, UK
98-12 Government Restructuring and Immigrant/Refugee Settlement Work: Bringing Advocacy Back In (203 KB)

AUTHORS: Gillian Creese, University of British Columbia
98-13 Labour Supply of Immigrant Women in Australia (185 KB)

AUTHORS: Abul Shamsuddin, U. of New England, Australia
98-14 Ethnicity and Labour Market Performance among Recent Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union to Israel (155 KB)

AUTHORS: Yitchak Haberfeld, Moshe Semyonov, and Yinon Cohen Department of Labor Studies, Tel-Aviv University Israel
98-15 Immigrant Experiences in Greater Vancouver: Focus Group Narratives (697 KB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert, Gillian Creese, Isabel Lowe Dyck, Tom Hutton, David Ley, Geraldine Pratt,University of British Columbia; and Arlene Tigar McLaren, Simon Fraser University
98-16 The Changing Social Geography of Immigrant Settlement in Vancouver (3.7 MB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert, University of British Columbia
98-17 Labour Market Experiences of South Asia-born Women in Vancouver (210 KB)

AUTHORS: Arti Nanavati, The Maharaja Sayajirao U. of Baroda India
98-18 Canadian Human Capital Transfers: The USA and Beyond (322 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz, and Samuel Laryea, SFU
98-19 Undocumented Migrants: A Social and Political Issue in Spain (96 KB)

AUTHORS: Trinidad L. Vicente, University of Deusto Spain
98-21 Immigrants and the Trade of Provinces (195 KB)

AUTHORS: Keith Head, John Ries and Don Wagner, UBC


Com # Title
98-01 Canada's Immigration-Labour Market Experience (156 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz and Samuel Laryea, SFU
98-02 Patterns of Ethnic Identity and the 'Canadian' Response (123 KB)

AUTHORS: R. Pendakur and F. Mata, Dept. of Canadian Heritage
98-04 Spatial Concentration: Residential Patterns and Marginalization (158 KB)

AUTHORS: Heather Smith, University of British Columbia
98-05 Economic Participation: Unemployment and Labour Displacement (113 KB)

AUTHORS: Samuel A. Laryea, Simon Fraser University
98-06 The Brain Drain or Gain? (74 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
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