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1999 Working Papers

WP # Title
99-01 Immigrant Entrepreneurs and the Urban Milieu: Evidence from the U.S., Canada and Israel (123 KB)

AUTHORS: Eran Razin, The Hebrew University
99-03 Immigrant Earnings: Age at Immigration Matters (160 KB)

AUTHORS: Joseph Schaafsma and Arthur Sweetman, U. of Victoria
99-04 Hindus in Canada (149 KB)

AUTHORS: Harold Coward, University of Victoria
99-05 Performing Carnival: Language Learning in a Punjabi Sikh School (102 KB)

AUTHORS: Kelleen Toohey, Bonnie Waterstone, and Allyson Julé, SFU
99-06 Immigrants and Public Finance Transfers: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (183 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz and Yunus Ozsomer, SFU
99-07 Transnational Migration and Nation: Burmese Refugees in Vancouver (121 KB)

AUTHORS: Jennifer Hyndman and Margaret Walton-Roberts, UBC
99-08 Problems and Strategies of Chinese Immigrants: A Study of the Restaurant Sector in the Dutch Labour Market (90 KB)

AUTHORS: Kangqing Zhang , Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
99-09 Immigration and Metropolitan House Prices in Canada (183 KB)

AUTHORS: David Ley, and Judith Tutchener, UBC
99-10 Reconstituting the Family: Negotiating Immigration and Settlement (114 KB)

AUTHORS: G. Creese and I. Dyck, UBC; Arlene McLaren, SFU
99-11 The Changing Role of Administrators in Ethnically Diverse Schools (99 KB)

AUTHORS: Linda LaRocque, Simon Fraser University
99-12 Reshaping 'Chinese' Business Networks in a Globalizing Era (147 KB)

AUTHORS: Kris Olds and Henry Wai-chung Yeung, N. U. of Singapore
99-13 Where do Immigrants Work? Tracking Industrial Location Propensities of 1960's Immigrants (227 KB)

AUTHORS: Ravi Pendakur and Fernando Mata, Dept. of Canadian Heritage
99-14 Health Systems Renewal: 'Writing in' Cultural Plurality (129 KB)

AUTHORS: J. Anderson, S. Tang and C. Blue, UBC
99-15 Immigration, Neighbourhood Change, and Racism: Immigrant Reception in Richmond, B.C. (182 KB)

AUTHORS: John Rose, University of British Columbia
99-18 The Narrative Representation of Mental Health: Iranian Women in Canada (133 KB)

AUTHORS: Parin Dossa, Simon Fraser University
99-19 Housing Ownership Patterns of Immigrants in Canada (164 KB)

AUTHORS: Samuel Laryea, Simon Fraser University
99-20 A Case Study of Multilingualism and Educational Choices in Immigrant Families (157 KB)

AUTHORS: Diane Dagenais and Catherine Berron, SFU
99-23 Migration, Ethnicity and Inequality in Homeownership (150 KB)

AUTHORS: Noah Lewin-Epstein and Moshe Semyonov, Tel Aviv U.
99-24 Immigrant Assimilation and Welfare Participation: Do Immigrants Assimilate Into or Out of Welfare? (259 KB)

AUTHORS: Jörgen Hansen and Magnus Lofstrom, IZA
99-25 A Theory of Social Forces and Immigrant Second Language Acquisition (399 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz and Christiane Werner, SFU

Special Issues

The special issues of the 1999 Working Paper Series 99-S0 to 99-S7, were prepared for the workshop Comparative Experience with Temporary Workers: Challenges and Policies, The workshop was part of The Third International Metropolis Conference which was held in Zichron Ya'acov Israel from November 30 to December 3, 1998.

WP # Title
99-S0 Temporary Migration: An Overview (80 KB)
Migration temporaire: un aperçu (26 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
99-S1 Lessons from the Swiss Migration Experience: An Empirical Analysis of Employment Performance (146 KB)

AUTHORS: Stefan Golder, Kiel Institute of World Economics
99-S2 Skilled Temporary and Permanent Immigrants in the United States (171 KB)

AUTHORS: B. Lindsay Lowell, Georgetown University
99-S3 Experience with Temporary Workers: Some Evidence from Selected European Countries (181 KB)

AUTHORS: Thomas Straubhaar, Universitšt der Bundeswehr Hamburg
99-S4 Malaysian Immigration Issues: An Economic Perspective (124 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
99-S6 Dynamic Labour Demand: Natives, Immigrants and the Recruitment Halt of 1973 (128 KB)

AUTHORS: Thomas Bauer and Klaus F. Zimmermann, IZA, Bonn and CEPR, London
99-S7 Temporary Canadian Migration: Quo Vadis? (114 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University


Com # Title
99-01 Canada's Brain Drain, Gain or Exchange? Policy Options (101 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
99-02 Ethnic German Migration after 1989 - Balance and Perspectives (120 KB)

AUTHORS: Klaus F. Zimmermann, (IZA) Bonn, Germany
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