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2000 Working Papers

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00-01 A Political Model of the Permissible Number of Immigrants (149 KB)

AUTHORS: J. Atsu Amegashie, Simon Fraser University
00-02 Seeking "Homo Economicus": The Strange Story of Canada's Business Immigration Program (280 KB)

AUTHORS: David Ley, University of British Columbia
00-03 Temporary Immigration of Nikkeijin to Ease the Japanese Aging Crisis (330 KB)

AUTHORS: Chieko Tanimura, Simon Fraser University
00-04 Immigrant Occupational Skill Outcomes and the Role of Region-Specific Human Capital (280 KB)

AUTHORS: Eden Nicole Thompson, Simon Fraser University
00-06 Probability of Staying in Canada (502 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz and Chona Iturralde, Simon Fraser University
00-08 The Complementarity of Language and Other Human Capital: Immigrant Earnings in Canada (194 KB)

AUTHORS: Barry R. Chiswick, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Paul W. Miller, University of Western Australia
00-09 The Housing Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Norway (216 KB)

AUTHORS: John E. Hayfron (SFU)
00-11 The Economics of Illegal Migration for the Host Economy (128 KB)

AUTHORS: Barry R. Chiswick, The University of Illinois at Chicago
00-12 The Social Geography of Immigration and Urbanization in Canada: A Review and Interpretation (251 KB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert, University of British Columbia
00-13 A Model of Destination Language Acquisition: Application to Male Immigrants to Canada (275 KB)

AUTHORS: Barry R. Chiswick, The University of Illinois at Chicago, and Paul W. Miller, University of Western Australia
00-14 Immigration to Vancouver: An Analytical Review (191 KB)

AUTHORS: Jamie Winders, University of British Columbia
00-15 Cosmopolitanism at the Local Level: Immigrant Settlement and the Development of Transnational Neighbourhoods (153 KB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert, University of British Columbia
00-16 Visits to Canada: The Role of Canada's Immigrant Populations (170 KB)

AUTHORS: David Prescott, University of Guelph, and David Wilton, University of Waterloo; Canan Dadayli and Aaron Dickson, University of Guelph
00-17 Perception and Supply: A Theoretical Analysis with an Application to Immigrants (106 KB)

AUTHORS: J. Atsu Amegashie and John E. Hayfron, Simon Fraser University
00-18 Studying Immigrants in Focus Groups (150 KB)

AUTHORS: Geraldine Pratt, University of British Columbia
00-19 Social Security and Migration with Endogenous Skill Upgrading (220 KB)

AUTHORS: Alessandra Casarico and Carlo Devillanova, Universit à Bocconi, Milan
00-20 Some Immigrant Language Lessons from Canada and Germany (279 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University; Holger Hinte, IZA, Bonn; and Christiane Werner, Simon Fraser University
00-21 An Analysis of Turn-of-the-Century Canadian Immigration: 1891-1914 (173 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University

Special Issues

The special issues of the 2000 Working Paper Series, 00-S1 to 00-S8, were prepared for the workshop, Workshop:Trade Agreements and Migration, The workshop was part of The Fourth International Metropolis Conference held in Washington, D.C. from December 8 to December 11, 1999.

WP # Title
00-S1 Urban Secondary Citizens: Low-Skill Temporary Workers-The Case of Shanghai (191 KB)

AUTHORS: Kangqing Zhang, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences & RIIM
00-S2 Irregular Immigrants to Spain (163 KB)

AUTHORS: Trinidad L. Vicente, University of Deusto Spain
00-S3 Australia's Temporary Business Entry Arrangements (101 KB)

AUTHORS: Steven Weeks, Australian High Commission
00-S4 Information Technology Companies and U.S. Immigration Policy: Hiring Foreign Workers (138 KB)

AUTHORS: B. Lindsay Lowell, Georgetown University
00-S5 Trade and Migration: The Mexico-US Experience (160 KB)

AUTHORS: Philip Martin, University of California
00-S6 The GATS and the Mobility of Service Suppliers (110 KB)

AUTHORS: Allison Young, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of Canada
00-S7 Managed Migration and the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (153 KB)

AUTHORS: David Greenhill and Jorge Aceytuno, HRDC
00-S8 Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program: A New Design (107 KB)

AUTHORS: Bradley Pascoe, CIC, and Beverly Davis, HRDC


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