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2001 Working Papers

WP # Title
01-01 Immigrant Expenditure Patterns on Transportation (183 KB)

AUTHORS: Shahrokh Shahabi-Azad, RIIM
01-02 The Flexible Family: Recent Immigration and 'Astronaut' Households in Vancouver, British Columbia (285 KB)

AUTHORS: Johanna L. Waters, University of British Columbia
01-03 Immigration and Housing in Gateway Cities: The Cases of Sydney and Vancouver (303 KB)

AUTHORS: David Ley, University of British Columbia; Peter Murphy, University of New South Wales; Kris Olds, National University of Signapore; Bill Randolph, University of Western Sydney
01-04 Gendering Immigration: The Experience of Women in Sydney and Vancouver (124 KB)

AUTHORS: Gillian Creese, University of British Columbia, and Robyn Dowling, Macquarie University (New South Wales)
01-05 Urban Governance, Multiculturalism and Citizenship in Sydney and Vancouver (130 KB)

AUTHORS: David W. Edgington and Thomas Hutton, University of British Columbia, and Bronwyn Hanna and Susan Thompson University of New South Wales
01-06 "Adjusting the Colour Bars": Media Representation of Ethnic Minorities under Australian and Canadian Multiculturalisms (172 KB)

AUTHORS: Kevin Dunn, University of New South Wales, and Minelle Mahtani, University of British Columbia
01-07 Emerging Patterns of Immigrant Settlement in Metropolitan Sydney and Vancouver: The Need for New Concepts and Models (648 KB)

AUTHORS: Ian Burnley, University of New South Wales, and Dan Hiebert, University of British Columbia
01-08 Assimilation, Cultural Pluralism and Social Exclusion Among Ethno-Cultural Groups in Vancouver (233 KB)

AUTHORS: Dan Hiebert and David Ley, University of British Columbia
01-09 The Visible Minority Category and Urban Analysis (135 KB)

AUTHORS: Harald Bauder, University of British Columbia
01-10 Migration Strategies and Transnational Families: Vancouver's Satellite Kids (212 KB)

AUTHORS: Johanna L. Waters, University of British Columbia
01-11 Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together? The Role of Cultural Clustering in Attracting New Immigrants (241 KB)

AUTHORS: Dominique M. Gross, International Labour Office, Geneva, and Nicolas Schmitt, Simon Fraser University
01-12 The French-as-a-second-language Learning Experience of Anglophone and Allophone University Students (136 KB)

AUTHORS: Diane Coulombe, Western Washington University and William L. Roberts, University College of the Cariboo
01-14 Asian Immigrants to the Pacific Northwest: Canadian and American Experiences Compared (887 KB)

AUTHORS: Carl Mosk, University of Victoria
01-15 Returning, Remitting, Reshaping: Non-Resident Indians and the Transformation of Society and Space in Punjab, India (81 KB)

AUTHORS: Margaret Walton-Roberts, University of British Columbia
01-17 Impacts of Immigration on British Columbia: Population, Labour Markets, Housing Markets and International Linkages (2.5 MB)

AUTHORS: Harald Bauder, University of Guelph; Johanna Waters, University of British Columbia; Sin Yih Teo, University of British Columbia
01-19 The German Immigrant Church in Vancouver: Service Provision and Identity Formation (352 KB)

AUTHORS: Laura Beattie and David Ley, University of British Columbia
01-20 Immigration, Polarization, or Gentrification? Accounting for Changing Housing Prices and Dwelling Values in Gateway Cities (1.6 MB)

AUTHORS: David Ley, Judith Tutchener and Greg Cunningham, University of British Columbia
01-21 Teachers of Punjabi Sikh Ancestry: Their Perceptions of their Roles in the British Columbia Education System (187 KB)

AUTHORS: Shemina Hirji and June Beynon, Simon Fraser University
01-22 Teachers of Chinese Ancestry: The Interaction of Identities and Professional Roles (325 KB)

AUTHORS: June Beynon,Roumiana Ileva and Marela Dichupa, Simon Fraser University

Special Issues

The following special issues of the 2001 Working Paper Series, 01-S1 to 01-S4, were prepared for the Roundtable entitled, Globalization and Immigration: Canada, China, and Beyond, presented by the Centre for Excellence, Immigration (RIIM/SFU), Asia Pacific Foundation, and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) held in Vancouver, BC, May 22-23, 2001.

WP # Title
01-S2 Globalization and Immigration (324 KB)

AUTHORS: Steven Globerman


Com # Title
01-01 Why Do Highly Skilled Canadians Stay in Canada? (985 KB)

AUTHORS: Don DeVoretz, and Chona Iturralde, SFU
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