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2002 Working Papers

WP # Title
02-01 Immigrants and the Demand for Shelter (680 KB)

AUTHORS: Galina Didukh, Simon Fraser University (RIIM)
02-02 Gangs and Crime Deterrence (432 KB)

AUTHORS: Abdala Mansour and Nicolas Marceau, Université du Québec à Montréal, and Steeve Mongrain, Simon Fraser University
02-03 Cultural Barriers to Labour Market Integration: Immigrants from South Asia and the former Yugoslavia (334 KB)

AUTHORS: Harald Bauder, University of Guelph, and Emilie Cameron, University of British Columbia
02-04 Clothing Demand for Canadian-born and Foreign-born Households (293 KB)

AUTHORS: Brian J. Geiger, Simon Fraser University
02-06 Multiculturalism and Local Government in Greater Vancouver (537 KB)

AUTHORS: David W. Edgington and Thomas A. Hutton, University of British Columbia
02-07 Religion in Migration, Diasporas and Transnationalism (505 KB)

AUTHORS: Steven Vertovec, University of Oxford
02-08 Becoming Canadian? Girls, Home and School and Renegotiating Feminine Identity (450 KB)

AUTHORS: Isabel Dyck, University of British Columbia and Arlene Tigar Mclaren, Simon Fraser University
02-10 Interprovincial Migration and Canadian Immigrants (383 KB)

AUTHORS: Barry Edmonston, Portland State University
02-11 Immigrants' Earnings and Assimilation into Canada's Labour Market: The Case of Overachievers (388 KB)

AUTHORS: Handy Gozalie, Simon Fraser University
02-12 "I don't feel quite competent here": Immigrant Mothers' Involvement with Schooling (569 KB)

AUTHORS: Arlene Tigar Mclaren, Simon Fraser University and Isabel Dyck, University of British Columbia
02-13 Between Homes: Displacement and Belonging for Second Generation Filipino-Canadian Youths (324 KB)

AUTHORS: Geraldine Pratt, University of British Columbia
02-14 Human Capital Investment and Flows: A Multiperiod Model for China (639 KB)

AUTHORS: Kangqing Zhang and Don DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University
02-15 Immigration to British Columbia: Media Representation and Public Opinion (369 KB)

AUTHORS: Minelle Mahtani and Alison Mountz, University of British Columbia
02-16 Sieve or Shield: NAFTA and its Influence within Canada (298 KB)

AUTHORS: Kathrine Richardson, University of British Columbia
02-17 Triangular Human Capital Flows: Some Empirical Evidence from Hong Kong and Canada (415 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Simon Fraser University, Zhongdong Ma, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Kangqing Zhang, Simon Fraser University
02-18 Filipina Identities: Geographies of Social Integration/Exclusion in the Canadian Metropolis (492 KB)

AUTHORS:Deirdre McKay, Australian National University and The Philippine Women Centre, Vancouver, BC
02-19 Recent Latin Americans in Vancouver: Unyielding Diverse Needs versus Insufficient Services (1.2 MB)

AUTHORS: Aranzazu Recalde, Simon Fraser University
02-20 "What Colour is Your English?" (383 KB)

AUTHORS: Gillian Creese, University of British Columbia, and Edith Ngene Kambere, Multicultural Family Centre, Vancouver, BC
02-21 Licence to Labour: Obstacles Facing Vancouver's Foreign-Trained Engineers (397 KB)

AUTHORS: Kate Geddie, University of British Columbia
02-22 Immigration to Canada's Mid-Sized Cities: A Study of Latin Americans and Africans in Victoria, B.C. (625 KB)

AUTHORS: Bernard Henin and Michelle R. Bennett, University of Victoria
02-23 The Challenges to Responding to Human Smuggling in Canada: Practitioners Reflect on the 1999 Boat Arrivals in British Columbia (404 KB)

AUTHORS: Alexandra Charlton, Suzanne Duff, Dan Grant, Alison Mountz, Robin Pike, Joshua Sohn, and Chris Taylor. Various affiliations.


Com # Title
02-01 RIIM Summary of Activities: 2000-2001 (417 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Co-director, RIIM (SFU)
02-02 RIIM Annual Report: 2001-2002 (497 KB)

02-04 A Model of Optimal Canadian Temporary Immigration for the 21st Century (380 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Co-director, RIIM (SFU)
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