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2006 Working Papers

WP # Title
06-01 Explaining Socio-economic Well-being of Immigrants and Returned Migrants: An Econometric Analysis of the Hong Kong and Canadian 2001 Censuses (811 KB)

AUTHORS: Fangmeng Tian and Zhongdong Ma, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
06-03 "Witnessing" Social Suffering: Migratory Tales of Women from Afghanistan (594 kb)

AUTHORS: Parin Dossa, Simon Fraser University
06-04 Bridging the Gap in Social Services for Immigrants: A Community-Based Holistic Approach (842 KB)

AUTHORS: Shibao Guo, University of Calgary
06-05 Naturalisation and Socioeconomic Integration: The Case of the Netherlands (1 MB)

AUTHORS:Pieter Bevelander, IMER, Malmö University, and Justus Veenman, Erasmus University Rotterdam
06-06 The Economics of Citizenship: Is There a Naturalization Effect? (3.3 MB)

AUTHORS: Kirk Scott, Lund University, Sweden
06-07 The First 365 Days: Acehnese Refugees in Vancouver, British Columbia (587 KB)

AUTHORS: James McLean, Simon Fraser University; Chris Friesen, Immigrant Services Society of B.C., and Jennifer Hyndman, Simon Fraser University
06-09 The Economics of Norwegian Citizenship (532 KB)

AUTHORS: John E. Hayfron, Western Washington University
06-10 Locating Spatially Concentrated Risk of Homelessness amongst Recent Immigrants in Greater Vancouver: A GIS-based approach (1 MB)

AUTHORS: Rob Fiedler, Jennifer Hyndman, and Nadine Schuurman, Simon Fraser University
06-11 Hidden Losses: How Demographics Can Encourage Incorrect Assumptions About ESL High School Students' Success (248 KB)

AUTHORS: Kelleen Toohey, Simon Fraser University, and Tracey M. Derwing, University of Alberta
06-12 Immigrant Rites of Passage: Urban Settlement, Physical Environmental Quality and Health in Vancouver (520 KB)

AUTHORS: Michael Buzzelli, University of British Columbia, and K. Bruce Newbold, McMaster University
06-13 Why do Low- and High-Skill Workers Migrate? Flow Evidence from France (513 KB)

AUTHORS: Dominique M. Gross, and Nicolas Schmitt, SFU
06-14 The Emergence of Super-diversity in Britain (601 KB)

AUTHORS:Steven Vertovec, ESRC centre on Migration, University of Oxford
06-15 Beyond the Polemics: The Economic Outcomes of Canadian Immigration (472 KB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert, Co-director, RIIM, University of British Columbia
06-16 The Education, Immigration and Emigration of Canada's Highly Skilled Workers in the 21st Century (485 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Co-director, RIIM, Simon Fraser University
06-19 The 'Flexible' Immigrant: Household Strategies and the Labour Market (219 KB)

AUTHORS: Gillian Creese, UBC; Isabel Dyck, Queen Mary, University of London; and Arlene Tigar McLaren, SFU
06-20 Social Relations and Remittances: Evidence from Canadian Micro Data (284 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz, Co-director, RIIM, Simon Fraser University, and Florin P. Vadean, Migration Research Group - HWWI, Germany
06-21 Are Cross-border Movements and Border Security Complements? (211 KB)

AUTHORS: Basil Golovetskyy, RIIM, Simon Fraser University


Com # Title
06-02 RIIM Research Consultation Retreat, September 7, 2006 (130 KB)

AUTHORS: Dr. D. Coulombe, Senior Researcher and Librarian, RIIM
06-03 Dual Citizenship and Canada's New Diaspora - revised (84 KB)

AUTHORS: Don J. DeVoretz and Yuen Pau Woo
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