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2007 Working Papers

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07-02 Vancouver's Newest Chinese Diaspora: Settlers or "Immigrant Prisoners"? (147 KB)

AUTHORS: Sin Yih Teo, Dept. of Geography, University of British Columbia
07-03 Why do Immigrants from Hong Kong to Canada Stay or Leave? (388 kb)

AUTHORS: Nuowen Deng, Dept. of Economics, Simon Fraser University
07-04 Multiculturalism: A Canadian Defence (129 KB)

AUTHORS: David Ley, Dept. of Geography, University of British Columbia
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07-05 Immigrant Entrepreneurship and the Role of Non-Government Organizations in an era of Neo-liberal Governance (244 KB)

AUTHORS: Min-Jung Kwak and Daniel Hiebert, Dept. of Geography, UBC
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07-06 Global Banking and Financial Services to Immigrants in Canada and the United States (293 KB)

AUTHORS: Wei Li, Arizona State University, Alex Oberle, University of Northern Iowa, and Gary Dymski, University of California at Sacramento
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07-07 Neighbourhood Houses and Bridging Social Ties (301 KB)

AUTHORS: S.R. Lauer, University of British Columbia, M.C. Yan, UBC
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Policy Briefing Note

2007 Policy Briefing Notes


Com # Title
07-01 Report of RIIM Activities, April 2005 - March 2006 (446 KB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert
07-02 Report of RIIM Activities, April 2006-March 2007 (273 KB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert
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