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2008 Working Papers

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08-01 The Housing Situation and Needs of Recent Immigrants in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area (2.97 mb)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert, Pablo Mendez and Elvin Wyly, UBC
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08-02 An Introductory Look at the Academic Trajectories of ESL Students (437 KB)

AUTHORS: Bruce Garnett, UBC and Charles Ungerleider, Canadian Council on Learning
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08-05 Canada's Visible Minority Population: 1967-2017 (930 KB)

AUTHORS: Andrew Cardozo and Ravi Pendakur, University of Ottawa
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08-11 2006 Census Atlas on Immigration in British Columbia (Online Only)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert & Mathew Coyle, UBC
08-12 Electoral participation as a measure of social inclusion for natives, immigrants and descendants in Sweden (1.01 Mb)

AUTHORS: Pieter Bevelander, University of Malmo and Ravi Pendakur, University of Ottawa
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08-13 Integration of Young Francophone African Immigrants in Francophone Schools in British Columbia (920 KB)

AUTHORS: Marianne Jacquet, Danièle Moore, Cécile Sabatier and Mambo Masinda, SFU
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08-14 The Impact of Racial Profiling: A MARU Society/UBC Law Faculty Study (778 KB)

AUTHORS: Alnoor Gova and Rahat Kurd, UBC
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08-15 Aboriginal Income Disparity in Canada (880 KB)

AUTHORS: Krishna Pendakur, SFU; Ravi Pendakur, University of Ottawa
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2008 Policy Briefing Notes


Com # Title
08-01 Report from MBC's Annual Research Retreat 2008 (132 KB)

AUTHORS: Kathy Sherrell, UBC
08-02 Report of MBC Activities, 2007-2008 (1 MB)

AUTHORS: Daniel Hiebert and Krishna Pendakur
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