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2010 Working Papers

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10-09 Trade, Variety and Immigration (593.75 kb)

AUTHORS: Bo Chen (Shanghai U. of Finance & Economics) and David Jacks (SFU)
Policy Briefing Note
10-10 Social Integration of Immigrants and their Children in Canada's Urban Neighbourhoods (853.46 kb)

AUTHORS: Zheng Wu, Christoph M. Schimmele and Feng Hou (UVic)
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10-12 Aceh-Malaysia-Vancouver: Settlement Among Acehnese Refugees Five Years On ( 808.12 KB)

AUTHORS: Lisa Ruth Brunner (SFU), Jennifer Hyndman (York U.) and Chris Friesen (ISSBC)
Policy Briefing Note
10-14 Optimal Policies with an Informal Sector (2.62mb)

AUTHORS: K. Cuff (McMaster), N. Marceau (UQAM), S. Mongrain (SFU) and J. Roberts (U. Calgary)
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