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2012 Working Papers

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12-02 Health Worker Migration in Canada: Histories, Geographies, and Ethics

AUTHORS: Geertje Boschma, Mark Lawrence Santiago (UBC), Catherine Choy (UCal, Berkeley) and Charlene Ronquillo (Fraser Health, Surrey, BC)
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12-07 A Working Paper on Settlement, Integration, and Welcoming Communities Domain in British Columbia, 1996-2012 (421 kb)

AUTHOR: Julie Drolet, Miu Chung Yan, and Jenny Francis, UBC
12-08 Metropolis British Columbia Domain; Housing and Neighbourhoods" Literature Review; 1996 - 2012(668 kb)

AUTHOR: Carlos Teixeira and Yolande Pottie-Sherman, UBC
12-09 Immigrants and the Canadian Economy (441 kb)

AUTHOR: Mohsen Javdani, David Jacks and Krishna Pendakur, SFU
12-11 Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Kelowna, BC: Challenges and Opportunities (574 kb)

AUTHORS: Carlos Teixeira, UBC Okanagan and Lucia Lo, York University
Policy Briefing Note
12-12 Waiting for a Wife: Transnational Marriages and the Social Dimensions of Refugee 'Integration' (453 kb)

AUTHORS: Lisa Ruth Brunner, SFU, Jennifer Hyndman, York University and Alison Mountz, Wilfrid Laurier University
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12-13 Return Migrant or Diaspora: An Exploratory Study of New Generation Chinese-Canadian Youth Working in Hong Kong (370 kb)

AUTHORS: Miu Chung Yan, University of British Columbia, Sean Lauer, University of British Columbia, Ching Man Lam, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Sherman Chan, MOSIAC
Policy Briefing Note
12-14 Initial Housing Conditions and Immigrants' Labour Market Outcomes (708 kb)

AUTHORS: Fernando Aragon, Economics, SFU, Michele Battisti,Economics, Ifo Institute, Center for Economic Studies, Munich, Germany, and Benjamin Harris, U.S. Census Bureau
Policy Briefing Note
12-15 Settlement Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Newcomers in BC (481 kb)

AUTHORS: Brian O'Neill and Hossein Kia, The School of Social Work, UBC
Policy Briefing Note
12-16 The Real Immigrant-Native Wage Inequality (1219 kb)

AUTHOR: Nick Dadson, Economics, SFU
Policy Briefing Note
12-17 Co-Ethnic Concentration and Trust Neighbourhoods (813 kb)

AUTHORS: Zheng Wu, Christoph M. Schimmele and Feng Hou
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