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Refereed publications resulting from MBC funded projects

Over its 5 year mandate from 2007-2012, MBC funded approximately $1,400,000 worth of research projects, spread across more than 70 separate research projects, and resulting in nearly 100 working papers in our Working Paper Series. Over time, many of these working papers have gone on to become refereed publications in scholarly journals, and books. At present, MBC funded working papers published in our series over 2007-2012 have resulted in 42 publications in refereed scholarly journals or books, and over time, more will be accepted for publication. The following list shows the set of working papers that have developed into refereed publications, and gives citation information for those publications.


WP 07-01:

  • Bevelander, P. And D. DeVoretz (eds.) Immigrant Naturalization and its Impacts on Immigrant Labour Market Performance and Treasury, The Economics of Citizenship, Malmo University, pp 129-154, 2008.

WP 07-04:

  • Ley, D. 2010. "Multiculturalism: A Canadian Defence" in S. Vertovec and S. Wessendorf (eds.) The Multiculturalism Backlash: European Discourses, Policies and Practices. London: Routledge, pp. 190-206.

WP 07-05:

  • Kwak, M-J and D. Hiebert, "Globalizing Canadian education from below: A case study of transnational immigrant entrepreneurship between Seoul, Korea and Vancouver, Canada. Journal of International Migration and Integration 11 (2010), pp. 131-153.

WP 07-06:

  • Li, W., A. Oberle & G. Dymski "Global Banking and Financial Services to Immigrants in Canada and the United States", Journal of International Migration and Integration 10(2): 1-29.

WP 07-07:

  • Lauer, S.R. & M.C. Yan (2010) "Voluntary association involvement and immigrant network diversity", International Migration, forthcoming.
  • Lauer, S.R. & M.C. Yan (2011). Neighbourhood Houses in Vancouver: Bridging differences in the community. Diverse Cities, 8, pp. 87-92.

WP 07-08:

  • Wilkes, R., N. Guppy and L. Farris. 2008. "No Thanks We're Full: Individual Characteristics, National Context, and Changing Attitudes Toward Immigration". International Migration Review. 42: pp 302-329

WP 07-11:

  • Sandercock, L., G. Attili and P. Carr (2009) Where strangers become neighbours: integrating immigrants in Vancouver (Dordrecht: Springer)


WP 08-04:

  • Mendez, P., D. Hiebert and E. Wyly, "Landing at home: Insights on immigration and metropolitan housing markets from the Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada", Canadian Journal of Urban Research 15 (2006), pp. 82-104.
  • Hiebert, D., "Newcomers in the Canadian housing market: A longitudinal study, 2001-2005". The Canadian Geographer 53(3) (2009), pp. 268-287.

WP 08-06:

  • Pratt, G, 2012. Families Apart: Migrant Mothers and the Conflicts of Labour and Love. University of Minnesota Press.

WP 08-07:

  • Mendez, P. (2009), "Immigrant residential geographies and the 'spatial assimilation' debate in Canada, 1997-2007". Journal of International Migration and Integration Volume 10, Number 1, pp. 89-108.

WP 08-08:

  • Friesen, J. & B. Krauth, 2011. Ethnic enclaves in the classroom, Labour Economics 18: pp-656-663.

WP 08-13:

  • Jacquet, M., D. Moore et C. Sabatier (2008). Médiateurs culturels et insertion de nouveaux arrivants francophones africains: parcours de migration et perception des roles. Revue Glottopol, 11, Janvier, pp. 81-94.
  • Moore, D., C. Sabatier et M. Masinda (2008). Voix africaines à l'école de la francophonie canadienne. Réflexions pour une culture didactique du plurilinguisme contextualisée. In Pl Blanchet, D. Moore et S. Asselah-Rahal (eds.), Perspectives pour une didactique des langues contextualisée (pp. 19-40). Collection Savoirs francophones, éditions des Archives Contemporaines et Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.

WP 08-15:

  • Pendakur, K. And R. Pendakur, 2011, "Aboriginal Incomes in Canada", Canadian Public Policy, 37(1), pp. 61-83.


WP 09-01:

  • Yan, M.C. and S.R. Lauer (2008). "Riding the Boom: Labour Market Experiences of New Generation Youth from Visible Minority Immigrant Families", Canadian Ethnic Studies, 40: pp. 129-148.

WP 09-04:

  • Walton-Roberts, M. (2011). "Immigration, trade and ‘ethnic surplus value': a critique of Indo-Canadian transnational networks", Global Networks 11, 2: pp. 203-221.

WP 09-05:

  • Gross, D.M. and N. Schmitt (Forthcoming) "Temporary Foreign Workers and Regional Labour Market Disparities in Canada". Canadian Public Policy.

WP 09-07:

  • Gross, D.M. (2011). "Who Feels Economically Threatened by Temporary Foreign Workers? Evidence from the Construction Industry". Economic Papers, Vol. 30, No. 4, pp. 530-45.

WP 09-08:

  • Hiebert, D., "The economic integration of immigrants in Metropolitan Vancouver", Choices 15(7)(2009), pp. 2-42.

WP 09-11:

  • Hiebert, D. And K. Sherrell, "The integration and inclusion of newcomers in British Columbia", Integration and Inclusion of Newcomers and Minorities Across Canada. Edited by J. Biles, M. Burstein, J. Frideres, E. Tolley and R. Vineberg. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2011. 77-101.


WP 10-03:

  • Teixeira, C. (2011). "Finding a home of their own: Immigrant housing experiences in Central Okanagan, British Columbia, and policy recommendations for change", Journal of International Migration and Integration, 12: pp. 173-197.
  • Teixeira, C. (2010/2011) Housing new Canadians in Central Okanagan, British Columbia, BC Studies, 168: pp. 45-63.

WP 10-10:

  • Wu, Z., F. Hou and C. Schimmele (2011). "Racial Diversity and Sense of Belonging in Urban Neighbourhoods". City and Community 10(4), pp. 373-392.


WP 11-01:

  • Pottie-Sherman, Y. (2011) "Markets and Diversity: An Overview", WP 11-03, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, April 2011.

WP 11-02:

  • Bauder, H. And A. Bradimore (forthcoming) "Mystery Ships and Risky Boat People: Tamil Refugee Migration in the Newsprint Media", Canadian Journal of Communication.

WP 11-04:

  • Aguiar, L.M, P. Tomic and R. Trumper (2010) "Dans la vallee de l'Okanagan". Revue du CREMIS (Centre de recherché de Montreal sur les inegalites socials) 3(4), pp. 30-33.
  • Tomic, P., R. Trumper and L.M. Aguiar (2010). "Housing Regulations and the Disciplining of Mexican Migrant Workers in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia", Canadian Issues special issue on Foreign Workers, pp. 78-82.
  • Tomic, P. R. Trumper and L. Aguiar (2011). 'Healthy' Farming and Its Social Costs: The Differential Rights of Mexican Migrant Workers in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, in Depatie-Pelletier, E. and K. Rahi (eds.) Mistreatment of Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada: Overcoming Regulatory Barriers and Realities on the Ground, CMQ-IM WP. No. 46, Quebec Metropolis Center, Montreal, 120 p.
  • Tomic, P. And R. Trumper, "Mobilities and Immobilities: Globalization, Farming and Temporary Work in the Okanagan Valley", in Patti T. Lenard and Christine Straehle (Eds.) Legislated Inequality: Temporary Labour Migration in Canada, Montreal and Kingston: McGill University Press, forthcoming 2012.
  • Tomic, P. And R. Trumper, "Methodological Challenges when Researching in Hostile Environments: The SAWP in the Okanagan Valley", in Luis L.M. Aguiar and Christopher Schneider (Eds.), Researching Amongst Elites: Challenges and Opportunities in Studying Up Surrey: Ashgate, Forthcoming 2012.

WP 11-05:

  • Pendakur, K. & R. Pendakur, 2011, "Colour By Numbers: Minority Earnings in Canada 1995-2005, Journal of International Migration and Integration, Vol. 12, No. 3, pp. 305-329.
  • Pendakur, K. & S. Woodcock, 2010, "Glass Ceilings or Glass Doors: Within vs Across Firm Minority Wage Differentials, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 28(1), pp-181-189.
  • Pendakur, K., R. Pendakur and S. Woodcock, 2009, "A Representation Index", Berkeley Electronic Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy: Advances, 8.1 (2009).

WP 11-10:

  • Roth, W., M-D. Seidel, D. Ma and E. Lo (forthcoming Spring 2012). "In and Out of the Ethnic Economy: A Longitudinal Analysis of Pathways to Economic Success across Immigrant Categories", International Migration Review.

WP 11-13:

  • Oreopoulos, P. "Why Do Skilled Immigrants Struggle in the Labour Market? A Field Experiment with Thirteen Thousand Résumés". American Economic Journal: Public Policy, Vol, 3., Nov. 2011, pp. 148-171.

WP 11-15:

  • Fudge, J. (forthcoming). "The Precarious Migrant Status and Precarious Employment: The Paradox of International Rights for Migrant Workers, Comparative Labor Law and Policy.

WP 11-16:

  • Creese, G., E. Kambere and M. Masinda "Voices of African Immigrant and Refugee Youth: Negotiating Migration and Schooling in Canada" in I. Harushimana, C. Ikpeze and S. Mthethwa-Sommers (eds.) African-born Educators and Students in Transnational America: Reprocessing Race, Language, and Ability. Peter Lang Publishers (forthcoming).

WP 11-19:

  • Drolet, J. And J. Robertson (2011) "In the smaller city a settlement worker wears many hats: Understanding settlement experiences in Kamloops, British Columbia", Our Diverse Cities, 8, pp. 139-144.
  • Drolet, J., J. Robertson and W. Robinson (Fall, 2010). "Settlement experiences in a small city: Voices of family class immigrants and settlement workers". Canadian Social Work Journal, Special Issue on the Settlement and Integration of Newcomers to Canada, 12(1), pp. 218-223.
  • Drolet, J., J. Robertson, P. Multani, W. Robinson and M. Wroz (2008). Settlement experiences in a small city: Kamloops, British Columbia. Small Cities Imprint, 1(1), pp. 21-30.


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